Privacy Policy
This is important to go through the private policy or the terms and conditions of the website before you connect to us. This is your responsibility to read the policy of the website and stay connected to the page as My property search will not claim to any sudden policy change. We are already concerned about our client’s privacy and do understand about how much it is important to deal with all safety concerns without affecting them. Our working strategies are fully transparent to our clients; we hold the personal, behavioral information or other necessary data from our clients for our professional use and remove such data after the use.

While searching on website your information will be collected on cookies and we can assure you that our cookies policy equally finish all the data collected after an interval of time. All your personal details will be disclosed to us for further dealing only and our policy resist us to keep that safe up to when you are in our contact and even after that we destroy them completely. We do not send any unsolicited marketing ads or emails to our clients. We just send the important mails or links to clients for their convenience.

Unfortunately, the exchange of informative data on the internet is not totally secure instead of it we have taken all security measures to keep that information hidden. We do not guarantee about but we look for it and are doing well for the same