Your Comprehensive Guide to Owning a Rental Property in Just 60 Days
Posted on Sep 09,2016
By Nina
Your Comprehensive Guide to Owning a Rental Property in Just 60 Days
I know you guys will not trust on this and also will think about, the writer is crazy! But this can be done very easily. It is very entrusting to share step by step guide on owning a rental property in just 60 days. It sounds crazy but it is possible and this will going to help to buyers and will tell about the steps that can make it happen.

When it comes to owning a property it is a huge process which includes various steps, but by the means of this blog you will get to know how to minimize a long process of owning of house into a small 3-phase process. This 3 phase process is: preparation, making offers and closing. A time frame is fixed next to each of the phase.

These are intended to be surmised time periods. Clearly, there are a great deal of things out of your control when acquiring and shutting on a property, so the 60-day time period objective can change, however in any event it is something to shoot for!

Stage 1: PREPARATION — 15 days

1. Turned out to be clear on Your Motivation and then look for property for sale
Main concern — gets clear on your inspiration before you start putting resources into land and find estate agent. 

2. Take a Personal Inventory of the "Advantages and Liabilities" You Bring to the Table
Main concern — There are activities that you do outstandingly well. This will help you recognize your "ability." What is this for you and in what manner can your advantages help your real estate business?

3. Get Financing in Place. Discover the Money FIRST

4. Decide Your Target Area and Property for sale

Stage 2: MAKING OFFERS — 15 days

5. Hunt down Potential Properties

6. Thin Search and Go See the Potential Deals

Main concern — drives downs the boulevards in the late night, not simply amid the daytime! This will help you decide how you feel about the territory.

7. Vet out the Deal – Financially and Physically

8. Make an Offer

Stage 3: CLOSING — 30 days

Kindly note, the end stage is the stage that you have the LEAST control over. Hence, infrequently this can take longer than you had foreseen.

9. Approve the Deal

10. Shutting

So there you have it — your orderly manual for purchase your first purchase and hold in 60 days.


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